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NXLI - Laptop Interface

NXLI - USB to DSP Netlink

NXCS PC Software Included

Take Control with your PC

The NXLI is an optional control interface which allows the amplifierís DSP to be controlled by a PC. The NXLI provides a standard USB plug to connect to a PC and a RJ11 socket for a cable connection to the Amplifierís DSP Netlink.  The NXLI is powered by the USB connection reducing the need for additional power connections.  This makes the NXLI portable and simple to connect.

System Tuning Made Easy
Unlike traditional amplifiers installations with the adjustments made on the amplifier in the back of the car, the NXLI gives the flexibly to position a Laptop PC within the vehicle while sitting in the listening position making the adjustments real-time using the NXCS software. This allows for ideal calibration of the system including equalization and time delay.

NXCS Software


PC Only


PC Only
 USB Connection 

USB 1.0 or 2.0

 OS Compatibility **XP & Vista
 DSP Netlink Connection

RJ-11 (6 Pin)


 800 x 600

 Power Requirements

*Self Powered


 Size MM (W x D x H)

70 x 40 x 25



* Standard 5V USB power required.
** Not compatible with 64Bit XP & Vista Software

Due to continuing product improvement, product and specifications subject to change without notice.


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