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NXLCDC - DSP Controller


Hands-On Control

The NXLCDC is an optional in-dash controller for users who do not want to use a PC to setup and control their NXS Amplifiers. Shaped in a convenient DIN size, the NXLCDC features a 4 line LCD Display, a function selecting scroll wheel, 4 preset buttons and a ‘back’ button.  This enables the user to select and adjust different amplifiers connected via DSP Netlink in the same car.   Basic settings like EQ, Gain, Sub-woofer level and Crossover can be selected and adjusted. 

The 4 presets on the NXLCDC can be programmed to recall up to 4 individual configurations saved to the NXLCDC.  The user can easily toggle configurations biased toward ‘classical’ vs. ‘techno’ music for instance. 

In Dash Mounting

Advanced PC based DSP Adjustments

There is also a Mini-USB PC computer input connection at the front of the controller.  This is to allow PCs with the NXCS software installed the convenience of connecting and controlling the amps through the LCDC instead of having to run additional cables.



NXCS PC Software Included


 Amplifier Selection



  Equalizer  Settings

 Channel Level Control

0dB to -30dB

        Equalizer Bands 8
 Sub Level Control

0dB to -30dB

         Equalizer Frequency Range

20Hz - 20kHz

 Crossover Filter Type


         Equalizer Gain

-30dB to +6dB
 Crossover Slope


         EQ Band Bypass

 Subsonic Filter (HP)  

20Hz -100Hz

 EPROM Memory Storage

4 Presets

 Phase Adjustment

0 -180

 Mini USB for PC Connection

 Power Requirements

 Self Powered

 Connection to Amplifier

RJ-11 (6 Pin)
* Some DSP adjustments dependent on amplifier model features.
**Advanced DSP functions can only be adjusted saved and recalled through the NXCS Software.
***The NXLCDC connects to the amplifier via standard RJ-11 6 pin telephone cable (included)
Due to continuing product improvement, product and specifications subject to change without notice.


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